We all want to live long, be fit, be different from the crowd. Yet we are all different and we all have different needs, one program would not work for everyone, it has to be tailor made, our body has the ability to heal itself, to attain optimal and vibrant health. This is true for our nutritional needs too. Whether you want to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, balance your hormones, prevent or reverse diseases, I will help you customize your wellness program so that you can achieve optimal health.

I believe in small, realistic and sustainable changes combining healthy nutrition with traditional food as the key to optimal health. As wellness consultant I help people lead physically and mentally healthy lifestyles in various areas including exercise, nutrition and stress management, suggesting simple solutions that can be incorporate in daily life.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind when we work together, is that I guarantee you results, as long as you follow the plan. You are the only one who is 24/7 with you, so, you must become part of the solution. When we work together, I teach you as much as I can so that you will eventually not need a health consultant.


Relationships are of two types, with self and with others irrespective of your situation and orientation. It doesn't matter if you’re married, divorced, separated, living in together, single, gay or straight. . Something that took years to build can crumble over miniscule issues. Most people feel counseling is required when things get really bad but reality is far from that. Recognize the problem before its late. Don’t let ego drive you, go for counseling, visit to a consular would surely help. Seek advice early, don’t let ego drive you, don’t wait for disasters to happen.

Even if things don’t seem to change, counseling helps you to see things differently, helping to make the decision that’s right for you to move forward. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can surely help. I have had many complicated cases like couples, parents, business partners, family feud and drug cases, they come to me for advice and most of them have gone satisfied. I am here whenever you need me, no matter what situation you face in your relationship, even if your problems seem trivial to others, I am happy to help.


Numerology is science based on the understanding that every number and letter has a specific vibration. Every letter of the alphabet has a number associated with it, based on its energy vibration. Your birth date and name provide insights to help you understand more about who you are, why you're here and the lessons that you’re here to learn.

Each number in a numerology chart represents an area of our spiritual awareness and identifies specific lessons we have decided to learn for our Soul’s growth and evolution.

In a Numerology chart your name reveals your innate nature, while your birth date shows you the lessons, challenges and opportunities that will present themselves in due course. While you can’t change your birth number, you can use numerology to determine if altering your name can enhance your birth vibration and help you meet challenges and lessons more easily. You can also see how altering your name will have subtle and sometimes striking changes in your life. This affects how you approach the gifts and challenges in day to day life. It also affects how you act in the world, how others see you and what kinds of new challenges or lessons you may face.


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About Me

Monit Pahwa

Monit specializes in bringing a much desired balance in the lives of his clients. He believes that one single approach can’t provide all the answers that one seeks, so he designed a program, combining Wellness, Relationships and Numerology thereby, bringing in a holistic approach and positive outcome, through individual services, group programs and seminars.

His affair with health and fitness started very early in 80’s. This took him to Mumbai in 1986 and later to California for furtherance of his knowledge. There he did multiple certifications on wellness for over 3 years that included Fitness programs, Nutrition programs, Marketing, Designing of Fitness centers & Equipments, etc. By 2001 he was associated with globally known fitness chain from The USA and later launched the same in India and did run few fitness centers till the year 2010.

Being very protective of all his friends and family, handling relationships seemed like a piece of cake to him until he was faced with disasters and was left battered and broken. In a decade long process of deconstructing and reconstructing himself he battled loneliness and depression. He read and analyzed behavioral patterns and decoded human psychology through books, people, situations etc. In this process he vowed to help people with counseling so that no soul vile away in pain and suffers the way he did.

His first association with numerology was in early 90’s. It intrigued him so much that he became a serious student of the craft. Although he also studied astrology, but he sensed numbers to be more in sync with his intuitive self. The more he learned the more he believed in the mystical power of numbers.

His focus is on shielding people from damaging vulnerabilities. He values people as individuals, their emotion, pain, weakness, anger, frustration, secrets and everything that matters to them is respected and understood.

His clientele includes children, teens, adults, families, team workers etc. who want to find healthy solutions to strengthen themselves to be complete, peaceful, whole and secure.

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